Reading A2: Why people eat fast food

Fast food is a type of food that is prepared and served quickly. It is often eaten in restaurants or bought from fast food chains. There are many reasons why people eat fast food.


One of the main reasons why people eat fast food is because it is convenient. Fast food restaurants are often located in busy areas, so they are easy to get to.


Another reason why people eat fast food is because it is very tasty. Fast food is often made with high-fat and high-sugar ingredients, which can make it taste very delicious. However, these ingredients are also unhealthy, so eating too much fast food can lead to health problems.



Fast food is also mostly cheap. This makes it a good option for people who are on a budget. However, it is important to remember that cheap food is not always good for you.

Other reasons

There are other reasons why people eat fast food. Some people eat it because they are hungry and do not have time to cook. Others eat it because they are stressed or feeling down. Whatever the reason, fast food is a popular choice for many people.


to prepare — готовить/приготовить/подготовить

to serve — обслуживать

convenient — удобный

to get to [place] — добраться до [место]

to lead to — вести к

mostly — в большинстве

unhealthy — вредный/нездоровый

to be on a budget — укладываться в бюджет

however — однако

to feel down — чувствовать себя подавленным

whatever — независимо от, любой, какой-либо

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