Reading A1: My friends and our holidays

Hi there! Let me tell you about my friends and the fun holidays we have together. We always have a great time during our vacations!

I have some awesome friends. We hang out at school and play together in the park. When it’s time for holidays, we get really excited!

One of our favorite holidays is summer vacation. During this time, we have so much happiness and freedom. We go to the beach, build sandcastles, and swim in the ocean. The sun feels warm on our skin, and we eat delicious ice cream.

Summer beach

Another holiday we love is Christmas. We decorate a Christmas tree together, sing songs, and give presents to each other. The lights and decorations make everything look so magical.

During Easter, we have an egg hunt. It’s so much fun looking for colorful eggs hidden in the garden. We laugh a lot!

When we have a birthday celebration, we throw parties with cake, balloons, and games. We give gifts to the birthday boy or girl and sing the Happy Birthday song.

Sometimes, we go on adventures during school breaks. We visit museums, zoos, and amusement parks. We have the best time exploring and finding new things together.

museum selfie

Even during smaller holidays, like Valentine’s Day, we make cards and share them with each other. It’s a day to show how much we care for our friends.

Our holidays are not just about the events; they are about the memories we create. We take lots of photos to capture the happy moments.

With my friends, every holiday becomes a special time filled with love and laughter. I am grateful for the wonderful memories we create together.

So, remember to cherish your friends and enjoy every holiday with them!


during — в течение

awesome — потрясающий

holidays — каникулы, праздники

summer vacation — летний отпуск

happiness — счастье

ocean — океан

presents — подарки

magical — волшебный

Easter — Пасха

egg hunt — охота за яйцами (игра по поиску яиц)

to throw parties — устраивать вечеринки

gifts — подарки

adventures — приключения

memories — воспоминания

laughter — смех, хохот

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