Reading A1: My family

Hello! I want to tell you about my family. We live in a house together. We live in the countryside. They are very special to me, and I love spending time with them.

First, there’s my mom. She is kind and takes care of me when I am not feeling well. She also cooks yummy food for us, especially her delicious cookies.

a house in the countryside

Next is my dad. He is strong and makes me feel safe. We play games together, and he tells funny jokes that make us laugh. Sometimes, we ride bikes in the park.

I also have a younger sister named Lily. She is cute and likes to play. We play with toys together, and I help her with schoolwork. I also read bedtime stories to her.

Besides my parents and sister, I have grandparents too! My grandpa tells interesting stories from when he was young, and my grandma bakes fantastic apple pie.

We have a pet dog, Max, who is my best friend. He is playful, and we enjoy walking in the park.

On weekends, we all spend time together. We play games, watch movies, or go for picnics. It’s fun and helps us become closer as a family.

I feel very lucky to have such a loving family. We care for each other, celebrate special days together, and share our happy and sad times.

In short, my family means everything to me. They love and care for me so much. I can’t wait to make more wonderful memories with them. Family is a treasure, and I’m grateful for mine.


special — особенный

kind — добрый

to take care of — заботиться о

strong — сильный

to laugh — смеяться

yummy — вкусный

also — также

young — молодой
younger — младший

besides — кроме того

a pie — пирог

to become closer — стать ближе

to care for each other — заботиться от друг друге

in short — короче говоря

grateful — благодарный

to mean — иметь ввиду, значить

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