Reading A1: I love skating

Hi! I want to tell you how much I love skating. Skating is a super fun activity, and I have so much joy doing it.

When I put on my skates, I feel happy. The smooth ice under my feet makes me feel like I’m gliding. It’s a bit tricky at first, but with practice, it becomes easier.

I enjoy skating at the ice rink with my friends. We laugh and have a great time together. Sometimes, we even play games like tag on the ice.

Skating is also good for my health. It helps me stay fit and strong. And you know what the best part is? I don’t even realize I’m exercising because it’s so much fun!

ice skating

One of the coolest things about skating is when I learn new tricks. At first, I could only skate forward, but now I can do turns and even spin a little. It makes me proud of myself!

My family loves to watch me skate, and sometimes we go to the ice-skating show together. The professional skaters do amazing jumps and spins, and it inspires me to practice harder.

Skating is not only for winter; some places have indoor rinks where I can skate all year round. It’s awesome to have the chance to skate even in the summer!

Of course, staying safe is important when skating. I always wear my helmet to keep me safe from any falls.

In conclusion, skating is my favorite hobby. I feel happy and free when I’m on the ice. Skating with friends and learning new tricks is so much fun! I will keep skating and enjoying this amazing activity.

Remember, find something you love and enjoy it too!


joy — радость, счастье

to put on — надевать, одеваться

to glide — скользить

tricky — сложный, коварный

practice — практика

to become — становиться

an ice rink — каток

to laugh — смеяться

health — здоровье

to stay fit — находиться в форме

a turn — поворот

a spin — вращение

to be proud of — гордиться

awesome — потрясающий

a helmet — шлем

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