Reading A2: Gold or family

Once upon a time, there was a little town in the hills. The people who lived there were happy with their simple lives. One day, a young boy named Tom, who lived in the town, found a secret cave while exploring the hills. Inside the cave, he found a chest filled with gold and precious stones.

Tom was very excited and ran back to the town to tell everyone. They all wanted to see the cave and take the treasure for themselves.

The people in the town became very interested in the treasure and spent all their time in the cave, digging and looking for more. They stopped working on their farms, stopped taking care of their houses and stopped spending time with their families.

As a result, their plants did not grow, their houses fell into bad condition, and they were not as happy with their families. They were so focused on the treasure that they forgot the most important things in life: love, family and friends.

One day, an old wise man from the town went to the cave and saw how greedy the people had become. He told them, “The treasure you are looking for is not gold and precious stones, but the love and happiness you already have in your hearts.”

The people in the town finally understood what the wise man meant and they felt sorry for what they had done. They promised to spend more time with their families and take care of their houses and farms again. They closed the cave and lived happily ever after.


the hills — холмы

a cave — пещера

to explore — изучать

a chest — сундук

precious — драгоценный

treasure — сокровища

to dig — копать

to take care of — заботиться о

to be focused on — быть сосредоточенным на(д)

condition — состояние/условие

wise — мудрый

already — уже

greedy — жадный

to look for — искать

to promise — обещать

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